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Embalajes y palets de madera

EBAKI XXI, S.A. is born in 1998 as a global project in the field of wood transformation. A project based on the integration of all the sectors of the forest chain with the objective of an optimal and sustained exploitation of forest resources. We operate in the packaging, construction, kit furniture markets and sawn wood.

Our MISSION is the development of a competitive business project in the field of wood transformation, meeting the needs of our customers from the following values:

  • Quality
  • People
  • Leadership
  • Development
  • Respect for the environment

In the heart of a forest massif in permanent growth and managed according to the principles of sustainable forestry, EBAKI XXI, S. A. develops its activity of the wood transformation based on renewable natural resources and from the respect for the environment.

EBAKI XXI, S.A.   |   Bº UGARTE S/N, 48392 MUXIKA (BIZKAIA)   |   info@ebaki.es
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