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Embalajes y palets de madera

What is a pellet?

The wood pellet is a Biomass or ecological fuel generated by the recovery or use of wood by-products (sawdust) and catalogued as neutral CO2 fuel.

Ebepellet wood pellets are manufactured with 100% pure sawdust. Our pellet is produced by sustainable forest management practices, thanks to the collaboration of Ebaki, which has implemented a PEFC which guarantees the conservation of our forests. Enerpellet wood pellets do not contain additives or residues which could generate harmful emissions during its combustion.

The homogeneity of our product allows you to fully automate all the processes of combustion and the fillings of silos, as well as to optimize the performance of the boilers. Due to its characteristics, the pellet is presented in the market as a clean energy alternative to gas and to diesel, with a lower and respectful cost with the environment.

The wood pellet can be applied in any domestic or industrial process that requires heat, as well as industrial drying processes, sports halls, hotels, heating and domestic DHW cold by absorption, etc.

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